Divine Light Channeling

What is Johrei?
JOHREI is the name given to the channelling of a spiritual energy or Divine Light to purify one’s spiritual body and awaken our divine nature. In Japanese, Johrei means “purification of the spirit”.

Its main purpose is to awaken the soul to the power of the Divine Light, which can change self-centred lives into God-centred ones. Johrei is an action which brings about spiritual fulfilment and true happiness on Earth.

The purpose of Johrei
The ultimate purpose of Johrei is to create paradise on earth. But on a smaller scale, paradise must first be created in our homes and families. For that to occur, we must create paradise in our own hearts. 

The world is made up of peoples who form countries. Countries are made up of cities, towns, and villages. Cities, towns, and villages are made up of families. Families are made up of individuals. To create paradise, if the individuals who constitute the basic unit cannot be helped, there is no way to help the entire world. For example, if one takes a single family as a model of the world, when the family achieves a paradise like state and is helped, so too may the whole world be helped.

How is Johrei practiced?
A typical Johrei session lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. If needed, the session can be prolonged. The person who channels the energy is called the Johrei "channeller". The one who receives the energy is the "receiver". The distance between channeller and receiver varies from 1 to 3 feet. During a typical session, Johrei is firstly channelled to the front and then to the back of the receiver. The videos below demonstrate how Johrei is practised.

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Who can channel Johrei?
All who have experienced results with Johrei can become Johrei channellers after going through a Foundation Course and receiving the "Ohikari" (Sacred Focal Point). Johrei can be channelled to anyone, anywhere and at any time.
In Meishu-Sama's own words: 

"When the channellers give Johrei, they are not offering cures to those who are sick, and their main intention is not to cure the illness itself. They only act to transmit the Divine Light, which will purify the recipient's spiritual body and cleanse it of its spiritual clouds. Once the spiritual body is purified, illness is automatically cured as a natural consequence."

"The purpose of Johrei is not to effect physical healing. Johrei is an action which brings about spiritual fulfilment and true happiness on Earth… sickness is a form of purification and the real cause of sickness is clouds on the spiritual body, which are dispelled through that purification"

:: Johrei Foundation Course:
After having experienced results with Johrei, anyone can start the Johrei Foundation Course.

- Avaiable from Mondays to Saturdays. 

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