Reflecting on Our Ancestors
Meishu-sama teaches us 'it is possible for invisible thoughts (sonen) to travel not only to the end of the world but to expand freely and instantaneously'. Invisible “sonen” is transmitted to the living and the ancestors and all of Creation, beyond space and time, through an unfathomable number of “spiritual cords”. The power of the “sonen” is not weak but eternally strong. We are constantly sending and receiving this “sonen” but the soul, which resides in each one of us, is connected to the Supreme God and always in communication; through the “spiritual cords” the Light is always flowing to us.”
(Sonen = Reason + Will + Feeling)

1. Every morning, when I wake up, I keep the following prayers and thoughts in my mind:
a. I have a divine essence, an individualized part of God, within myself, and I serve as God’s instrument. Each person with whom I come into contact today also has a divine essence, and I will treat each person with that thought in mind.
b. Whenever I suffer from doubts, worries or other negative thoughts, I recognize and accept them humbly as imprints from my ancestors, and I surrender these concerns to Meishu-sama to be purified by him.
c. I will do my best today to serve in God’s work as an instrument of Meishu-sama, along with my many ancestors – who are with me.
2. Every night, before going to bed, I offer this prayer of gratitude to God: “Thank You for allowing me to serve in Your divine work today, along with my ancestors.”
3. I will share with others whatever joys and blessings I may experience as a result of this practice of faith through my daily reflection.

Reflection on my Ancestors:

We are living now on this earth because our ancestors passed on the force of life from generation to generation. Our ancestors are the roots of a tree, and we, their descendants, are the branches and leaves. We receive the invisible life force and nourishment from the roots. Branches and leaves prosper when the roots are strong and well-nourished. Our ancestors’ spiritual growth and elevation is the key to our own welfare and happiness. We respect our ancestors and offer our daily prayer of gratitude so that they may receive the abundant Light of God and become further elevated.